Can Tho is the most developed city in the Mekong Delta, South of Vietnam. This area has a unique lifestyle on river including market, fish farming and live on the river.

Flash back to couple years ago, the Master Chief Gordon Ramsey visited the “Cai Rang” floating market and he was impressed by the Vietnamese Cuisine. The video was exploded on the internet and since then “Cai Rang” market has had a huge foreigner tourism vising everyday. 

I visited “Can Tho” in April 2019 during my backpacking trip from South to North of Vietnam. I saw everyone on the street spoke English, tons of tour guides that took their customers exploring the cities. So it will be easy for English speakers to visit due to the developed tourism industry here. 

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What time to Visit Can Tho

There are 2 seasons at the Mekong Delta. Raining season from May-October and dry season from December – April with average temperature of 27 degree. I recommend to travel to Can Tho during December-April because it is the season for fruits and especially if you come in February, which is the Star Apple (very sweet, milky fruit) season. Also in my own experience traveling around Jan-April is the best time to visit Vietnam as well.

Things I brought on the 3 months backpacking trip

How to get to Can Tho

By plane

One of the easiest method to travel to Vietnam is via air. There are many domestic flight to get there. Some of the popular flight operators are Vietjet, Jetstar. Be careful that taking domestic flight in Vietnam is not the same as what you have accustomed to in North America. You should expect it to delay even though they ask you to come 3 hours ahead for boarding. It is quite chaotic in my opinion.

By bus

This is my favorite method. Assuming you are not visit Can Tho as your only destination, usually people will be staying at Ho Chi Minh City and go to Can Tho. 

From Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho is about 3 hours. I recommend to take the early bus around 4 Am to get there in the morning and start exploring the city because once after 9 PM, I personally can not stand the heat ( I live in Canada for 13 years and anything more than 20 degree is too hot). Personally, I would took the bus at 2 AM to get there in the morning. You can sleep on the bus and buses here has a bed for you to sleep.

vietnam tourism places

Things to do at Can Tho

There are many things to do in Can Tho.  Here is my details 2 days trip at Can Tho

My trip to Can Tho Day 1

Complete guide to can Tho; Grilled Sneak head fish, Visit Con Son Island, Ninh Kieu Habour

My trip to Can Tho Day 2

Complete guide to Cai Rang Float Market, Visit noodle factory and fruit orchid