Da Lat


Da Lat “Đà Lạt” is a lovely city located 300km North of Ho Chi Minh City. Different than popular sites such as Hoi An or Nha Trang where you see a huge amount of foreigner tourists, Da Lat is overwhelmed with local tourism. Due to the heat of Vietnam, Vietnamese locals love to visit here because of the colder weather ( average 16-20 degree). I found it is perfect for many North American visitors.

Time to Visit Da Lat

Unlike other cities where it is effected by the climate, you can visit Da Lat at anytime because you can get many in door activities. It is known for many lovely coffee shops which is perfect for coffee lovers.

How to get to Da Lat

As one of highest traffic for Vietnamese tourists, routes to Da Lat are very developed. Typically there are two options which is air and sleeper bus but by far sleeper bus is way more popular if you come from Ho Chi Minh City.

By Plane 

There are couple airlines that flight to Da Lat if you coming from Da Nang or Ha Noi. Some of the airlines are VietJet and Jetstar. I personally do not like domestic flights in Vietnam. I will post a details my experience of taking domestic flights later on if there is demand for this.

By Sleeper Bus

Sleeper bus is my favorite way to get to Da Lat from HCM city. It usually take about 7-8 hours and cost 230k (~$10) per direction. I recommend to take the midnight bus and you can get your destination at 6 AM. 

Tips: You can ask your hotel whether you can check in early, or to store your luggage and you can rent a motorbike to go around the city until the check in time.

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Da Lat is a city for coffee lovers and where you can see mostly Vietnamese tourists not foreigners everywhere. 

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vietnam tourism places

Me Linh Cafe

25km away from the City, Me Linh Cafe has amazing view

At night you can visit light valley cafe to see the farming house lights from the hill

vietnam tourism places

Kokoro Cafe

The amazing Japanese style Coffee shop in Da Lat. It has a wonderful lake of Koi fish and hill view at the back. Stunning!

vietnam tourism places

Tea house

Cau Dat Tea House is 30km away from the City of Da Lat. It is one of the few tea houses in Vietnam that is accessible to tourists. Layers of tea parries create fantastic views