Da Nang – Hoi An


Da Nang \”Đà Nẵng\” is one of the hottest Vietnam Tourism Places in the past decade. Da Nang is a beach city and located about 800km North of Ho Chi Minh City and at the central of Viet Nam. Usually when Visit here, tourists will combine with Hoi An an ancient town that attract millions of visitors every year. 

Time to Visit Da Nang

Like other locations in Vietnam, there are two season rain and dry in here. People usually visit during sunny days February – August. The best time to Visit is January to April because the weather at that time is still not too hot ( when I say too hot I mean it! I know we come to Vietnam to enjoy the sun but not too much Jan-Apr will be still 30 degree)

How to get to Da Nang

As one of highest traffic for Vietnamese tourists, routes to Da Nang are very developed. Typically there are two options which is air and train. However, I will strongly recommend by air as the other method does not really optimize between time, efficiency and cost saving.

By Plane 

There are couple airlines that flight to Da Nang if you coming from Ho Chi Minh City or Ha Noi. Some of the airlines are VietJet and Jetstar. Price usually ranged from 700k to 2.000k round trip depending on the season. When I travel to Hoi An in Jun 2019 my price fall within the average of 1.500k which is about $80.

By Train

You can get a train ticket about 600k for Ha Noi-Da Nang and about 900k for Ho Chi Minh City – Da Nang. However, you will be spending 1 good day on the train as supposed to 2 hours flights. Personally I do not think the hassle worth the cost saving

Tips: You can ask your hotel whether you can check in early, or to store your luggage and you can rent a motorbike to go around the city until the check in time.

Da nang Hoi an

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