Ha Giang Loop – Sky Walker


Ha Giang Loop is a 400 km loop that appeared in the show Top Gear. It is considered one of the poorest cities in Vietnam because of the landscape of mountain and rock which makes it hard for development, transportation and farming. However, due to this condition, Ha Giang is able to preserved the beautiful nature, spectacular views of the mountain and the culture of the tribes people in there

Time to Visit Ha Giang Loop

There are many seasons that is great to visit Ha Giang Loop dependings on what you like. Generally, you want to avoid the rain in June-September. There is a few time stamp that special for people want to visit Ha Giang.

Jan-Feb: Plume Flower blossom. Also this is almost the prime time to experience the Ma Pi Leng Pass route which also known as the Sky Walker. Because at this time, the Jade river is greenest and most beautiful. (during the raining season, the water flow down from mountain which carry red sands and make the river brownish)

May: This is the time when the rice terraces floated with water. It creates a views like many outdoor pools.

Sep-Oct: Harvest time in Ha Giang. We will be able to run through many rice terrace that is cover in yellow. Many hills and mountains turn into yellow color of ripe rice. 

*unlike Ninh Binh, the rice terrace there is harvest in the end of May. So depending on your vacation time, you can experience this at difference place in Vietnam

November: Tam Giac Mach Flower which is a type of flower in Ha Giang. The whole field of flower blossoms. Very romantic view.

How to get to Ha Giang Loop

There are 2 ways to get to Ha Giang. First of all, you will have to get to Ha Noi. You can look at our guide for Ha Noi for more details

Ha Noi to Ha Giang

Sleeper Bus

You can go to the My Dinh bus stop and purchase a ticket for sleeper bus to Ha Giang for about $9. It will be a 7 hours ride. I recommend this option because most of the views is from Ha Giang to Dong Van. You can take the bus to Ha Giang to save energy and then rent a motorbike at Ha Giang and start your trip to Dong Van. But if you want to go all out to experience the motorbike lifestyle then you can choose option 2


This is the harder route. You rent a motorbike in Ha Noi and start your trip from there. It will take about 5 days to complete this loop from Ha Noi. I do not recommend this route but it is very popular among the bikers.

Renting a motorbike

To rent a motorbike at Ha Noi and at Dong Van are different in prices. Obviously, in Ha Noi you will have more options and cheaper. At Ha Giang, it will be about $10 per day for a basic motorbike while in Ha Noi you can find one for $7. Not a huge difference, just depending what you choose. 

In Ha Giang, there are mountain motorbikes as well, and these ones are nicer but more expensive. I believe they are $20 per day last time i checked.

Tips: Always go for a newer motorbikes because;

  • It is less likely to break down in no where
  • The cost of gas for older bikes are quite high. You will end up paying the same amount as if you rent a newer bike
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Amazing View Point at the Ma Pi Leng Pass. One of the four most spectacular Passes in Vietnam.

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vietnam tourism places

Gears that I brought with me on the 3 months backpacking trip

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Jade River

Go down the Jade River on a boat tour. View the Tu San Split which is the narrowest and tallest split in South East Asia.

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Camp Fire

To have a camp fire, cook free-range chicken with nature. Extremely rare opportunity and unique life experience.

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Sky Walker

do the Sky Walker tour at the Ma Pi Leng Pass. Amazing view point