Ha Noi


Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam. It has complete different culture as Ho Chi Minh City where is hub of many companies, party and food. Ha Noi preserved the Vietnamese culture from years ago and it is close to many travel sites up the North of Vietnam that you can take 1 or 2 days tour. Very suitable for people want to discover Vietnam for 1 week. 

Time to Visit Ha Noi

I recommend to visit Ha Noi during October to May because it is the dry season. Also at this time, it is not too hot yet ( Summer in Ha Noi is very deadly). Personally I like Feb-Apr the most as it is the prime time to visit other site near Ha Noi such as Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, and Ha Long Bay

How to get to Ha Noi

To get to Ha Noi, you will be taking a plane to get here. You can take train and sleeper bus if you are at somewhere close by. But almost at all time, you will be heading from oversea or from HCMC, Da Nang. So I will be focusing via plane.

By Plane 

There are many domestic planes to Ha Noi such as Jetstar, Vietjet and Vietnam Airline if you are coming from another city. Otherwise, you will be taking direct flight from your origin country to Ha Noi. 

Disclaimer: Taking domestic flight to Ha Noi, you will get spammed via taxi driving services from Airport to City. As much as I hate it, yes the airlines do leak your information whether you agree or not. 

Get to the City of Ha Noi

The airport unfortunately located 30 km off the city center. You will have to transit into the city as the airport area has nothing to do at all.

  1. Most convenience way: You can take taxi service such as Grab to get into the city which cost you about $15-$17. There are also private airport service that take you to the city when you book online for a little cheaper $10-$15( you can Google) or you can sign up your email and we can help you to set it up ( We do not take any payment, we just help you to set up the trip and we dont earn anything)
  2. Cost Saving way: You can take the bus from the airport to city. All the bus at the loop will go into Ha Noi city but take different route for about $0.50. Then you will see where it drops you off and then call a taxi or Grab (Uber) service. This way you can save some money and if you know where you going, you might end up arrive at your destination without taking taxi.

Tips: You can ask your hotel whether you can check in early, or to store your luggage and you can rent a motorbike to go around the city until the check in time.

vietnam tourism places

Ha Noi old Quater, the amazing Vietnam capital yet still preserve the traditional life style

Gears that I brought with me on the 3 months backpacking trip

My Story


vietnam tourism places

West Lake

Riding a motorbike or Cycling around West Lake during Sun Set or Sun Raise is an amazing experience

vietnam tourism places

Train Coffee

Visit the train track, get a cup of coffee while watching the train to pass by is a very relaxing thing to do

Ha Noi

Old Quater

Enjoy the weekends at the vibe of Ha Noi Old Quater night market, get some beer at the foreigner street