Nha Trang


Nha Trang is a very developed city for tourism. It is known as one of the most beautiful 29 bays in the World. It is located at the South of Ho Chi Minh City about 400 km. This is a very special city because it is much cheaper to go on a tour as supposed to backpacking yourself.  It is because of getting around islands cost a lots if you are going by yourself.

Time to Visit Nha Trang

Jan-August is dry season in here. The beach and islands are lovely at this time

Sep-Dec is the raining months which could affect your trips if it is stormy island tours might be cancelled.

How to get to Nha Trang

As one of the oldest tourism cities, routes to Nha Trang are very developed. Typically there are two options which is air and sleeper bus and both are popular for travelers.

By Plane 

There are couple airlines that have route to Nha Trang. Some of the airlines are VietJet and Jetstar. 

Notice that there is no airport at the City. The airport is located at Cam Ranh City which is about 25km from the City. You will need to take a taxi to go into the city. Usually it is about $10. I have not tried this myself but I have looked into it before as I chose the second option to get to Nha Trang.

By Sleeper Bus

Sleeper bus is my favorite way to get to Nha Trang from HCM city. It usually take about 10 hours and cost 230k (~$10) per direction. I recommend to take the midnight bus and you can get to your destination about 6 AM. 

Tips: You can ask your hotel whether you can check in early, or to store your luggage and you can rent a motorbike to go around the city until the check in time.

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Nha Trang is known as top 29 most beautiful bays in the world. it has an island system that is incredibly clear water, well developed resorts and services

Gears that I brought with me on the 3 months backpacking trip

My Story


Diep Son

Diep Son is an island system that is an hour drive from the city. It has become very popular in the past 2 years due the 3 islands are accessible via walking.

Doc Lech Beach

45 mins from the city, Doc Lech beach is one of the cleanest beach. While Nha Trang is overwhelmed with amount of tourists, in here, we still enjoy the nature and not too crowded.

Yen Island

Breath-taking Yen island. It is one of the most beautiful island in Vietnam that I have encountered during my backpacking South to North of Vietnam trip

Dam Mon

This is Đầm Môn Nha Trang. You will have to ride a motorbike about 100km to get here. But it is absolutely worth it.


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