Cái Răng Float Market

Cần Thơ is at the Mekong Delta. It is famous for the unique lifestyle on the water. There is a famous floating market “cái Răng” that Gordon Ramsay visited. One of the few floating markets still remain in Vietnam

Cái Răng Floating Market

5 AM in the morning, I got picked up at the habour and went to Cái Răng floating market. It is one of the rare occasion to see the morning market trading and have breakfast on a boat. 

There are 2 type of boats. The big one that can pick up 20 tourist or the small one that fit 4 max. I chose the small one because I have control over where to go and whether I want to stay at any place.

Notice, otherwise you will have to drive to the market which is about 7 km away from the downtown. I left the uncle’s whose took me on this tour in the description of my Youtube Video day 2

If you need help calling him, please let us know

Noodle Factory House

As part of the tour, the uncle took us to visit noodle Factory House to see how they make noodles that you probably have seen in the famous dish “Phở”

Fruits Orchid 

Last stop of the trip is to a fruit orchid. You go around to see the tropical fruits of Vietnam and can buy some fruits home. They also offer a small plate of fruits for free.

Can Tho Day 2

Complete guide to Cai Rang Float Market, Visit noodle factory and fruit orchid